Represent Search Universe Analysis


We worked with Represent to conduct an SUA which revealed a huge search everywhere strategy opportunity for both brand and non-brand 'search everywhere' considerations.


Represent wanted to better understand the wider search landscape alongside establishing a search everywhere approach which would deliver a truly holistic approach to their activations.


We conducted a SUA project with Represent, providing a thorough analysis of the search universe across TikTok, X, Facebook, Pinterest, Google and Instagram. This was then leveraged to inform a 12 month strategy for search marketing execution.

THE Results:


Key stats:

"We brought Deviation on board to provide a Search Universe Analysis consultancy project, and the audit they delivered was nothing short of incredible.

They absolutely over delivered, with a full in depth analysis of where we as a brand can win across the entire search landscape, taking into account all creative platforms in complete synergy with Represent’s offering and audience.

The team not only provided us with the in-depth analysis which showed us exactly where and how we can win, but also presented to us a condensed version of the report to ensure that we had complete clarity on the opportunities afforded to us. I cannot speak well enough of the professionalism in delivery and high level of work that Deviation provided us with.

Deviation are onto something that nobody else in the industry is really looking at yet - I can safely say that they are a valuable asset to any brand or company."

Stephen Kenwright Headshot

Matthew Martin

SEO and Digital PR Lead


The opportunity to work with Represent on understanding the potential of a "Search Everywhere" strategy via a consultancy project at this stage in our agency journey has been mind-blowing. Represent are a brand built upon the foundation of an engaged community, identifying opportunities for Represent to connect the dots and deliver a truly holistic search approach, which is also fundamentally commercially viable, was extremely pleasing. We look forward to continue developing this relationship and working with Represent moving forward.



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